Providing excellence in
crew management and
services on board


We are specialized in
manning with the
appropriate qualified
personnel, within the
shortest time, the following
sectors: Merchant
Shipping, Oil and Gas
(Offshore) and Shipyards.

Since established, our company
has provided outstanding services
in recruitment and deployment of
Romanian seafarers, both officers
and ratings, on board of various
types of vessels such as Bulk
Carriers, Container vessels, Ro-Ro,
Tankers, Offshore Support Vessels.

Located in Constanta, the most
important port on the Black Sea
and South-Eastern Europe, we are
certified as a crewing and
personnel recruitment agency for
Romanian seafarers, recognized by
the Romanian Naval Authority.

Furthermore, we are very keen to
offer our expertise in providing
experienced and qualified
personnel in ships repairs (various
type of main and auxiliary engines
overhauling, steel works – repairs
on deck, cargo holds, ship’s hull,
tanks, as well as engine room,
electrical works, monitoring and
repairing of reefer containers).

Our company retention score regarding the provided crews and
service repairs personnel constantly exceeded 80%.


Being certified by BV,
ISO 9001/ILO/MLC 2006,
we are available 24/7 and manage a team of professionals able to work on shore and at sea, on short notice.

Our staff comprises of former
senior maritime officers that put
their knowledge and experience
from both sea and shore based
positions in practice towards
offering competent and effective
recruitment and ships services.
Being flexible and experienced in
daily work with all our clients and
concerned with further success in
our business, we can meet all the
demands of any potential customer.

Training, compliance, and review
are key elements for ISO certified
companies. It’s an ongoing process
directed towards quality
improvement. We are dedicated to
raise the standards of manpower
selection and monitor the changes,
requirements and development of
the industry.

Our organized team ensures a
harmonious working environment
both at sea and ashore, which in
turn leads to a far superior service
and total satisfaction of our valued

We are continuously improving our services in order to comply
with the latest requirements of our customers, such as quality,
cost control and time effectiveness.














  • Crewing Provider-Officers and Ratings
  • Repair Riding Teams
  • Steel works
  • Piping & Mechanical Repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Reefer containers monitoring and repairs
  • Hydro-blasting cleaning and painting of ballast tanks and cargo holds


  • Various steel repairs and modifications for deck, piping systems and machinery using IACS Certified welders and experienced fitters
  • Overhaul and repair of main and auxiliary engines
  • Cooler / heater repairs
  • Pipe repairs or renewal
  • Overhaul and repair of hydraulic


  • Planned repairs, during cargo operations
  • During lay-up and dry-dock
  • During navigation
  • Spot/Urgent repairs

Fastra Marine Services aims for long term commitments, based
on mutual respect, effective communication and very close follow
up with all our clients’ needs and changing requirements.


We provide carefully selected and skilled employees able to meet our clients’ requirements.
Their performance is closely monitored so that we are always confident that the personnel are able to conduct all the necessary tasks.

Applicants are screened in order to identify the desired skills and qualifications for a successful placement. All employees are carefully interviewed and their background is checked for their past references according to our internal policy. The recruitment and selection process is concluded with a documented offer that provides a candidate suitable and well capable to meet the job requirements.

Our management team covers technical expertise for mechanical, electrical, steel works projects, but also for ship operation, ship handling, bridge team and resource management and HSEQ related matters.

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